Patent / Trademark / Copyright Infringement :

At Present, Companies, Organizations are facing the problems of Copyright, Official Document and Trademark Intrusions. As the leading Detective Agencies for Infringement of Trade Mark, our company sustain your company’s interests by helping you in discovering out the mishandling of your Patents, Trademarks, Academic Properties or Copyrights and help you through according to Company Laws. Our company has a team of experts who can handle official Document, Brand or Copyright Violation Investigations across India.

Bangalore Detective Services provides brand, Copyright Violations and Patent Investigation through the following:

i) Updating the Clients on different general areas where these infringements happen in the business.

ii) Categorizing hidden investigations to discover related samples and pictorial proofs on information outflow.

iii) Performing undercover operations involving persons or company officials.

The Private Investigators of our company help you in tracing out and locating the fraudster, associated friends and their reason behind such infringement. We map out the complete route of source of an identified infringement to destination like who is final resource to obtain benefit of such harmful leakage.